Unmask the inner you

and Grey

Explore the vibrance...

and the perfect homogeneity of the 4 new SKIN shades. These new papers will bring your mask to life, allowing it to truly stand out.

Precious 'Emerald', timeless and versatile 'Grey', elegant and mysterious 'Purple' and distinctive 'Indigo' are simply irresistible, and will add an extra touch of exclusivity to your designs.

Now comprising a total of 16 contemporary colours, the rejuvenated SKIN range is sure to have the perfect paper for your project.

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Win a mask, a unique work of art signed by its creator

Bonsoir Paris

Win a mask, a unique work of art signed by its creator

Kako Ueda

Win a mask, a unique work of art signed by its creator



Step 1

Create a mask

using SKIN paper, or any other paper.

Step 2

Shoot & Upload your picture or video

Take a picture of you or someone else wearing your mask for maximum impact!

Submit your mask until
28 February 2013

Step 3

Share your mask on social networks

and get a chance to win the Special Audience Prize.

Step 4


The top 20 designs will be selected by an international jury, composed of designers, paper professionals, artists, creative, and our ambassadors: Bonsoir Paris, Kako Ueda and Kriki.

Your mask can be uploaded until 28 February 2013.

The jury will deliberate on the 4th of March 2013.

20 winners, 20 unique pieces of work.

The top 19 will be selected by an international jury, based on the below criteria:

  • conceptual strength
  • general beauty of the design
  • quality of execution
  • originality in the use of paper in general, and SKIN papers in particular

An Audience Prize will also be awarded to the mask which obtains the most 'likes' in the Gallery.

Our ambassadors

  • Kako Ueda

    Kako Ueda

    The world of this japanese artist is baroque, whimsical, and colourful. Paper comes to life in her hands. Like lace, each sheet teems with a multitude of creatures, a technique that is simply breathtaking.

  • Kriki


    Kriki is THE punk culture symbol in modern-day French art, and one of the founders of Street Art. Eclectic and electrified, he draw his inspiration from African culture as well as Cinquecento painting and cubism.

  • Bonsoir Paris

    Bonsoir Paris

    Born in 2010, is the French artist duo who won the competition "A Curious Story". Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari have since made their mark as two "enfants terribles" of art and design.

Submit your artwork

Ready, steady...

Post your mask in the 2nd SKIN Gallery,
and share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

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Be part of our 20 winners!

Win 1 of the 3 exclusive and unique masks

The winners of the two Jury Prizes, and the winner of the Special Audience Prize will each win one of the three pieces of art from our ambassadors.

For 4th to 12th winners

Lomo La Sardina & Flash DIY Cameras*

Personalize your camera and shoot amazing photos.

For 13th to 20th winners

Creative Review subscriptions*

Enjoy one year of advertising, design and visual culture.

* Non-contractual photos